Why Jaisalmer Golden Stone Resort

Jaisalmer Golden Stone Resort offers the Best Jaisalmer Tour Packages that take the heart and soul of every traveler. Jaisalmer Tour Safari Packages leads you to witness the desert life of Jaisalmer wherein you can feel the pleasure of Desert Safari that energizes you by its engraved beauty.

The Desert Safari Jaisalmer Golden Stone Resort widely includes the experiences which one cannot miss such as a visit to the abandoned villages and their lifestyle, the royalty of desert camping, the stunning sunset view from the deserted dunes, the beautiful and pleasing aura of the isolated desert, yet dynamic, and many more that can allure you.

The most highlighted part of Safari packages is a Camel Safari in Jaisalmer Golden Stone Resort in the Non-Touristic/ Less-Touristic/ Offbeat tracks of desert area. This is the most enchanting part of Safari Packages that lets you enjoy the magnetic and peaceful aura of the desert wherein you can relive the beauty of nature. The sunset over the dunes is so charming that describing its beauty is impossible through words. A visit and experience of an abandoned village tour is a delightful thing that you can enjoy with a Camel Safari Jaisalmer.